Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fuzzy Apples?

Joe Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation was a book I put down twice. Usually, once I pick up one of his books, I'm glued to it. Perhaps I have been reading a bit less lately, and it wasn't the book. I can't exactly pin down why I felt it dragged at the beginning, perhaps because the main character is a bit of an anti-Hero. But after having made it half-way though, I gave it a third try and was suddenly keen to finish it. It has a rousing finish, with a set of wallops that you expect from Scalzi. You may even think you have one spotted, and you will probably be right- but there's a payoff that will still delight you. 30/42 Richmans. The Land of the Silver Apples is a solid YA Fantasy book, with a rating of 26/42 Richmans. It's not a new classic of YA fantasy, but it has some really delightful aspects that make it worth recommending. I did not read the preceding book in this series, but I'll read the next one. As with a good bit of YA work, characters are not completely developed. But so what? There is humor, the characters do have substance and development, and the world setting is solid. The main character is somewhere between a druid and a wizard in a time when the world was between Christianity and older religions. Nancy Farmer did some delightful work, and a third volume, "The Island of the Blessed" will be on my list. I'll certainly add her to my list of recommended YA authors.

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